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Donkeys are horse-like animals that may be ridden and equipped with chests once domesticated. While technically not a horse’s relative, this animal is an extremely flexible critter that can and can help you achieve your Donkey Minecraft goals. We will explain Donkey Minecraft and go through the donkey in this post so that you may better comprehend it, as well as the benefits that it can provide. Many people believe that the horse is better for this species, but don’t dismiss the donkey just yet. You might be amazed by what this animal has to give after reading this essay.


  1. Spawning
  2. Appearance
  3. Drops
  4. Taming
  5. Make Use Of
  6. Feeding and Controlling
  7. Food
  8. Riding
  9. Behavior
  10. Breading
  11. Statistics
  12. Health
  13. The Rate Of Movement
  14. Jumping Ability
  15. Values Bred
  16. Trivia
  17. Conclusion


Plains have 1-3 donkeys, whereas savannas have only one. Donkeys breed in alpine meadows in Java Edition 1.18 [coming soon]. Individual donkeys spawn 20% of the time as foals.


Donkeys are 1.4 blocks broad and long, and 1.6 blocks tall when fully grown. Foals start off half the size of adults and grow bigger as they become older in Bedrock Edition. Donkeys, unlike wolves and cats, do not change their look after domesticate, however, taming donkeys to distinguish by giving them equipment.
Donkeys are smaller than horses in every way and have long, upright ears. Their manes are drawing straight on the backs of their heads and necks, rather than protruding. Gray-brown coats with darker ankles, ears, manes, and tails are there on all donkeys. Donkeys are outfitting with a basic saddle rather than full-body armor, and they can also outfitting with weapons. Donkeys with equipped saddles or chests, unlike virtually all other mobs, do not render them when under the influence of Invisibility.


Donkey Minecraft drop the following items when they die:

Leather, 0–2. With each stage of looting, the maximum quantity increases by one, up to a maximum of 0-5 with Looting III.
1–3, if a player or tamed wolf kills you.
They drop chests and saddles if they are equipped with them. They also toss the chest’s contents out.

1–7 is dropped after successful breeding.

Killing a newborn donkey will not provide you with any goods or experience.


There are only two biomes where donkeys are known to spawn. Savannahs and plains are the biomes. When you locate a tame donkey, all you have to do is make sure you’re not carrying anything before mounting it. Expect the encounter to be difficult because this is a tough animal.
You may get bucked off at times, but don’t be disheartened; instead, strive toward attempting again as soon as possible. You’ll eventually be able to break through their resistance and tame them, as shown by the hearts that emerge around them.

Make Use Of

A donkey is useful in a variety of ways. This animal can not only like a horse when equipping with a saddle, but it can also jump over fences or ledges. That you, the player, would typically struggle to overcome. Donkeys may also carry inventory if they are outfitting with a chest that allows them to contain 15 different things of your choosing, making them ideal pack animals. Keep in mind that once the chest is fastening to the donkey, it is impossible to remove without killing it. This is not too much of an issue because you can take the contents of the chest out whenever you choose. If you don’t want to ride a donkey or are unable to ride them through a certain location or terrain, you can attach a lead to them and drag them through the desired area.

Donkeys that have been tamed and saddled may be utilized as one of the quickest animal packs in the game, however, they cannot pass through single block-wide holes. They can also be utilized to climb slopes and leap fences, which the player is unable to do in most cases. They may be ridden in up to two blocks of water. Donkeys break from the player in deeper water and swim uncontrollably.

Donkey Minecraft that have chests can be employed as pack animals.

A lead can be used to draw donkeys along and tie them up, as well as to tow them swimming behind a boat.

Feeding and Controlling

Donkeys, like their horse counterparts, may be given a variety of foods. Therefore, following is a list of foods that these animals can eat:
Apple hay bale
Carrots in Gold
Apple of Gold
While many of these products can help you tame or heal your donkey.Only the prize golden apples and golden carrots are there to breed donkeys. Keep in mind that if you successfully produce a new donkey foal, it is untaming and will not tame until it reaches adulthood. As a result, it’s advisable to confine young foals to a fence or enclose  area so they don’t stray off and end up in harmful circumstances.

The following slots are accessible to tamed Donkey Minecraft:

Saddle Slot: This slot is used to equip a saddle.
If the donkey has a chest, an additional 15 inventory spaces are available.
By holding the left shift and right-clicking on the donkey, or by accessing its inventory, equipment may be placed on it. The player inventory may be opened by mounting the donkey and right-clicking on the donkey, or by creeping and right-clicking on the Donkey Minecraft. A chest can be installed on a donkey by utilizing a chest on a donkey. The only way to get rid of the chest is to kill the donkey, which causes the chest and its contents to fall.

Nothing can be used to equip foals.


Feeding a Donkey Minecraft food can change its behavior, cause it to develop (if it isn’t yet an adult; foals usually need 20 minutes to completely mature if they aren’t fed), and improve its health. Hence, here is an old and qualifying food item in your hand and hit use while gazing at it to feed a donkey. The action is considered as an effort to ride the donkey if the meal is invalid. Donkeys can only be fed if it has an effect on them, much as other animals. The consequences of the numerous meals that donkeys can eat are listed in the table below.

Food Comfort Increases the rate of growth Increases irritability References
Sugar 1♥ 35 sec +4
Wheat 2♥ 25 sec +3
Apple 3♥♥ 2 min +4
Golden Carrot 4♥♥ 2 min The domesticated donkey’s live mode is activated.
Golden Apple 10♥♥♥♥♥ 3 min The domesticated donkey’s live mode is activated. Enchanted golden apples are also effective.
Hay Bale 20♥ × 10 4 min N/A Adult donkeys that are not tamed cannot be given hay bales.


Hence, Once tamed and saddled, the player may use the usual directional controls, leap, and the mouse to operate the donkey. Using the dismount control, the player dismounts.

In Java Edition, when riding a donkey in survival or adventure mode, the hunger bar is replaced with the donkey’s health.

In assition, it has a hearty texture that is somewhat different from the player’s health bar. The horse leap bar takes the place of the experience bar.

Drinking or tossing potions, opening doors or Redstone devices, utilizing chests, crafting tables, and furnaces, breaking and putting blocks, and striking with melee weapons or bows are all possible while riding a donkey.

Any one-block high slope is immediately run up by a riding donkey. The donkey and rider may pass through a gap as small as 2.75 blocks high without difficulty. Lower clearance increases the risk of suffocation if the rider’s head collides with a non-transparent block. The donkey can enter gaps as small as 1.625 blocks high, but if the clearance is less than 1.75 blocks, the donkey would suffocate. They are unable to pass across a 1-block gap.

speed potions Donkey Minecraft

Unlike horses, all donkeys having the same movement speed and leap strength, however, speed potions and Nether travel can make the donkey the pack animal with the quickest feasible mode of transportation in Minecraft. Backward, Donkey Minecraft move slowly, and sideways, they move approximately as fast as the player.

A mounting donkey forcing to jump, and the control charges for a longer leap. Jump boost beacons and potions have no effect on donkeys. Going in water deeper than two blocks, as well as the usual dismount control, causes the donkey to dismount. Donkeys, like the player, incur fall damage as they fall from great heights.

While riding a donkey, it is impossible for a player to access a Nether portal.


Donkeys wander aimlessly, periodically rearing, swishing their tails, or lowering their heads as if munching grass. Unlike sheep, the eating animation does not result in the consumption of grass. A Donkey Minecraft may turn to face a player who approaches. Any donkey, even a wild one, accepts to tie to a lead without resentment. However, attempting to saddle an untamed donkey causes it to back and flail its front hooves. Even when struck, donkeys remain unaffected.

So, Donkeys make an audible braying sound every now and again.

Donkeys, like the majority of mobs, may travel by minecart and boat. Donkeys, unlike other passive mobs, slowly recover their health.


Love mode is activating by feeding golden apples or golden carrots to domesticating donkeys.

The progeny are more spindly than their adult counterparts, and they develop in size over time until they reach full size. The kids of a player who owns their parents do not immediately belong to the player who owns their parents. Instead, it is born as an untamed donkey that must be domesticated once it reaches adulthood. The foal can be fed to help it develop more quickly.

A donkey foal, producing by breeding two donkeys. Because all donkeys have the same texture, the kids will grow up to appear exactly like their parents.

When , a donkey and a horse crossbreed, the result is a mule foal. Mules are unable to reproduce. This activates Artificial Intelligence.


Also, see Tutorials/Horses.
Health, (maximum) movement speed, and leap strength are three “equine metrics” that differ across donkeys. Food is not affecting these metrics, which are producing whenever the donkey is born or hatching.

Values of spawning Donkey Minecraft

So, Donkey Minecraft are allocating their stats within specific ranges. Unique to their horse type, when creates in any method other than breeding — for example, using instructions, spawning naturally, spawning as part of a skeleton trap, or using spawn eggs.


Donkey’s health varies from 15 to 30, with an average of 22–23. Hearts on display are health dividing by two and rounding down.

The last half-heart Donkey Minecraft is not displaying on a donkey with an odd amount of health points (15, 17, 19, etc.). The donkey has an odd number of health points if it has lost one fewer health point than the dealt damage and did not regenerate; otherwise, it has an even number of health points.

The rate of movement

So, the speed of a generated donkey is always 0.175, or 7.525 blocks per second. For comparison, the player’s regular walking pace is 0.1, or 4.3 blocks per second, while the player’s sprinting speed is 5.6 blocks per second. Any status effect that influences the speed of a horse or a player is not including in the reporting speed.

The speed of a bred donkey is limiting in the same way as other donkeys are.

Afterall, the speed value of a bred Donkey Minecraft is between 0.1125 and 0.3375, the same as that of other horses. See Horse#Movement speed for further information.
Compare the speeds of various modes of transportation by going to transportation.

Jumping ability

That’s why, the leap power of a hatched donkey is always 0.5, which is enough to clear 1 916 blocks. The leap strength of a bred donkey is between 0.4 to 1.0, similar to that of other horses.
To compute a donkey’s leap height from its jump strength characteristic, apply the derived equation below (with an RSS of 5.510e-19). This function was designing to suit the data in the table below, therefore it’s most accurate around these numbers.
-0.1817584952 * x3 + 3.689713992 * x2 + JumpHeight = -0.1817584952 * x3 + 3.689713992 * x2 +2.128599134 * x – 0.343930367 = 2.128599134 * x – 0.343930367 = 2.128599134
Where x stands for JumpStrength.
The precise leap strengths necessary to clear numerous block heights, to 15 digits.

Values bred

Therefore, when two donkeys are breeding, the foal’s numbers are deciding by average both parents’ stats with a third set. Which is selecting randomly, similar to how horses’ stats are determining. (i.e. multiply both parents’ stats by three and divide by three). Even though the value is not for donkeys generating naturally or with a spawn egg. Random values are utilizing for the third set.


The “Cow Tipper” award is earning by picking up leather spilling by an adult donkey. Therefore, this is because the accomplishment is earning when a player picks up any piece of leather rather than when a cow is killing.
A player riding a donkey gets dragging around and can even hoisting into the air if the donkey is pulling by a lead.

Hence, it is possible to create a donkey with no armor slot and no means to equip a chest using instructions.
The donkey is going to carry in a boat in the Bedrock Edition by riding it and leaping into it. Then dismounting (leaving the donkey in the boat) and activating the boat from underneath/underwater. When the player tries to activate the boat from above to pilot it, the player is re-mounting on the donkey instead of placing inside the boat to pilot it.


So, Donkey Minecraft, despite their stubbornness and disposition, are one of the most helpful animals in the game. Therefore,  a donkey under your control may readily aid you in your travels or while you’re relocating from one base of operations to another, saving you time and money.So, keep this in mind while deciding whether or not it’s worthwhile to begin taming these beasts.


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