Become An Online Virtual Typist

Become An Online Typist

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Full Time and Part-Time Jobs For Virtual Online Data Entry’s

Thanks to you for your advantage in applying for an at-home Online Typist job with us. We are searching for a Typist to perform composing and word preparing errands for our organization. We enlist low maintenance and full-time Typists who exhibit standout composing abilities with the least blunder rate.

You should associate with the web during the internet composing position execution. You don’t need to download any task on your own PC’s hard drive. Practically everything and required composing instruments will be accessible to us.

The matter should be retyped all things considered without committing any adjustments in the spelling errors and the accentuation marks and according to the configuration. Specialists who can deal with online premises are needed to apply. Normally, you’ll be acceptable at composing – quick and precise – however, while going after positions you’ll presumably see three terms utilized: duplicate composing, sound composing and shorthand composing. These allude to the various methods of creating composed reports. Each needs various abilities. A few positions will require every one of the three, others may require only one.

Eventually, you ought to have the option to guarantee our organization archives are precise, refreshed and available to all workers.

Your’s Duties:

  • Move information from paper designs into computerized documents or data set frameworks
  • Translate records from directed tapes
  • Take notes at gatherings with directors and others to make a point by point messages
  • Alter finished work for language structure, spelling, and accentuation
  • Assemble and arrange composting material
  • Make bookkeeping pages and introductions, consolidating different information from existing documents
  • Keep up physical and advanced recording frameworks
  • Sweep and print documents, depending on the situation
  • Keep data private as per security arrangements


  • Age: Your age must be 18 years or above.
  • System: A personal computer or laptop is necessary to start your work from home.
  • Software: You need to install MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access on your system.
  • Internet: Most important is your internet connection.


  • The basic one for proofreading jobs is strong English skills.
  • Your knowledge about required jobs.
  • The ability to communicate with the client in a better way.
  • Time management skills to complete work in time.
  • Earn $6-$15 for each page at a time
  • typical average working hours for Online Virtual Data Entry Typist
  • Earn $10 to 15
  • work whenever you are ready to do, according to your time schedule
  • A large number of friend list
  • You can distribute your work with your friends to complete the task earliest



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